Ha Pham
Birth: 1985

“Everytime I look at my hands, I see no finger but the ladies and men above. Just imagine how hard to do something without them. They are the most important factors that make Unique Tours unique.”

Ngan Le
Birth: 1988

“After years of working in tourism, I didn’t realise that I was in love with it until I left it one day. I decided to move on and did something on my own.”

Sales Department

Ms. Anna
Travel consultant
Birth: 1987

“Life is much better when travelling and I really love it, I hope you do it too. Vietnam is always open to welcome you and Unique Tours is always beside you on your journey.”

From TripAdvisor: “I was surprised in a great way from the start when Anna helped plan a wonderful 21 days traveling in Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon and in Cambodia for she was so professional and very responsive…”

Ms. Tina
Travel consultant
Birth: 1988

“Xin chao [Hello], my name is Tina. I like my job and the friendliness of my colleagues here. We are one family with the same passion of travel and want to share it with everyone. I operate your trip and take care of you from your arrival until departure.”

From TripAdvisor: I have traveled a lot , but Tina along with Unique Tours was by far the BEST COMPANY I’ve worked with. You will not be disappointed when you choose them. If i could give them 6 stars I would.…”

Ms. Shakira
Travel consultant
Birth: 1990

I’m just a ‘yolo’ girl, crazily like traveling, really want to share my knowledge to help everyone reach beautiful lands. Listen to me, my Dears: “You only live once! Let’s do anything you want and go anywhere you love”.

From TripAdvisor: “She is flexible so when we decided to change something or a tour got cancelled due to bad weather she made sure we get the best in return. We even met her and she is such a kind person, always smiling and very thoughtful…

Ms. Tracy
Travel consultant
Birth: 1994

“My greatest drive as a tour consultant lies in my profound love for immersing myself in diverse cultures and uncovering the beauty of our world’s varied landscapes. I firmly believe that travel serves as a catalyst for personal growth and understanding. One cherished moment that encapsulates this passion was when I assisted a couple in crafting their dream honeymoon journey through Vietnam. Witnessing their sheer delight and anticipation as they embarked on their adventure filled me with a sense of purpose and reinforced my commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service. Each day, I am fueled by the opportunity to help others forge unforgettable memories and discover the wonders of our world.”

From TripAdvisor: “We had an amazing 16 days tour to Vietnam and Cambodia, organised entirely by Tracy at Unique tours.
Unique Tours, and especially Tracy, impressed us thoroughly in every aspect of our trip. I would strongly recommend her, and the company, to anyone planning to visit Vietnam and Cambodia or anywhere else available.
Thank you very much Tracy for organising the trip of a lifetime for us.”

Ms. Julie
Travel consultant
Birth: 1981

With a passion for exploration and a keen eye for detail, I specialize in curating unforgettable travel experiences tailored to customer preferences. With years of experience in the travel industry, I thrive on ensuring every journey is seamless and memorable. I love turning customer’s travel dreams into reality.

Ms. Nancy
Travel consultant
Birth: 1999

“Price, product and communication are all critical to my success while working more than 5 years as a travel consultant. It’s important for me to deeply understand my client and their dream vacation at the start so I can best meet their needs. Also, I always make a note to follow up with the client within 24 hours to see if there is anything else I can help them with.”

Ms. Katie
Travel consultant
Birth: 1994

“As a travel consultant, my personal definition of outstanding customer service involves anticipating my client’s every need and providing solutions to problems they don’t even know about. I believe travel should be relaxing and fun. I want to remove any worries or doubts from the minds of my clients so they can enjoy their adventures. Nothing makes me happier than a satisfied customer who returns from a trip and can’t wait to go explore more.”

Mr. Brian
Travel consultant
Birth: 1986

“Every journey has secret destinations that even travelers can’t expect. I’m always dedicated to bringing the best travel experiences to our

Ms. Jessie
Travel consultant
Birth: 1997

“The warm heart of Jessie makes everyone feels so familiar right in the first time. She has nailed the travel expert role for more than 3 years. Her work is perfect not only because of the well-organized itineraries but also because of the inspiring and helpful guidance she gives to her customers. She sets her career goal to show the best attractive places and unique cultures of Indochina to customers.”

Operation Department

Hue Nguyen
Tour operator
Birth: 1992

Linh Nguyen
Tour operator
Birth: 1993

Ms Dong
Tour operator
Birth: 1994

Ha Vu
Tour Assistant
Birth: 1992

Ms. Ninh
Tour Operator
Birth: 1995

Ms. Yen
Tour operator
Birth: 1992


Ms. Do Giang
Chief Accountant
Birth: 1990

Ms. Ngoc Anh
Birth: 1996

Cambodia Office

Mr. Hong Pham
Director of Operations
Birth: 1980

Birth: 1985

Thailand Office

Birth: 1985

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